You know that moment when you have a great first date and after the date you can't wait to call your best friend and tell them all about it. Well we love that moment with our clients. We love meeting with our clients over coffee and we know it's going to be a great wedding when we leave the meeting giddy and our cheeks hurt from laughing.


Hello there, I'm Marissa the photographer in this duo and I believe I have the best job in the world. There’s nothing sweeter than capturing all the special moments on a wedding day, and I get to do it along side my sister. My favorite moment at a wedding is photographing a bride seeing her family and groom for the first time in her dress; it gets me every time.

Other fun facts about me:
- Coffee is my go-to drink
- I love a good sunset (One time when I was in Moscow, Russia I waited outside 3 hours for the sunset and it was so worth it.)
- I love to travel
- I can quote the show Friends word for word

Hi there, I'm Lauren the videographer in this duo. Watching a mom carefully help her daughter into her wedding dress, seeing a dad's emotion when he sees his daughter as a bride for the first time, hearing a groom try to catch his breath as he sees his future wife walk towards him, laughing alongside the guests as they dance the night away… the fact that I get to capture all these special moments is what makes my job the greatest job in the world!

Other fun facts about me: 
- Dr. Pepper is my go-to drink
- I bleed maroon (Gig 'Em Aggies) 
- 140.6 is my favorite number (I love competing in Ironman triathlons)!

-Once football season starts every Sunday that's all that's on my TV.