We are Marissa and Lauren Licarione, the M and the L that make up ML Photo & Film. We split our time between Denver and Austin because we love both cities so much. We’re goofy, fun-loving, adventure-seeking sisters, who love what we do and love doing it together. We started photographing and filming weddings together six years ago and have loved every minute of it! 

We know just how precious your wedding day is and we want to provide you with photos and a video that you will cherish for a lifetime.  Our goal is that decades from now you will look back through your wedding album or watch your wedding film and all those memories will come flooding back to you.

Working as a sister team gives us such a sweet advantage because we know each other so well and we can anticipate each others movements on a wedding day. We are even able to read each others thoughts with just a quick glance, we promise it's not as creepy as it sounds.




  • My favorite moment to photograph on a wedding day is when the couple sees each other for the first time.

  • Coffee is my go-to drink.

  • I am not an Ironman athlete but I am an Ironman spectator (funny signs are my jam).

  • I would love to go back to Dubai.

  • I dream of the day I become best friends with Adele


  • My favorite moment to film on a wedding day is everyone cutting loose on the dance floor and busting out epic dance moves.

  • Dr. Pepper is my go-to drink.

  • 140.6 is my favorite number (I have competed in 3 Ironman Triathlon).

  • I would love to go back to Thailand.

  • I dream of the day I become best friends with JJ Watt.


Now that you have learned a little bit about us, we would love to get to know you and your fiancé.